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We repair most non-thinfilm substrate analog microwave and multiplex equipment:

Call GSI for Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number.

Ship Item with description of trouble, name and phone and fax number of contact person and detailed return address.

Advise if possible lightning strike, power failure or other event is involved in equipment failure.

Ship to GSI 200 So. Lacy Dr. Waco, Texas 76705. Never use this address for U.S. Mail!

For U.S. Mail and correspondence, use Only P.O. Box 154801 Waco, Texas 76715.

Our warranty is 1 Year, parts and labor.

It is our policy to repair, replace or refund the item at our discretion.

Pricing for repairs is dependent on availability of parts, amount of time required to repair and level of expertise required to repair. We will notify you if it appears that costs will be excessive to repair.

After extensive research and feedback from our valued customers, GSI is proud to announce our expedited service program. The program is available for an additional 25% surcharge and customers wishing to participate should contact GSI with proper authorization and for an estimated time of delivery.

We support the following products: MOTOROLA STARPOINT 6000, MOTOROLA STARPOINT 2000, MOTOROLA STARPOINT, ROCKWELL COLLINS MIR 2, ROCKWELL COLLINS MIR 6, FARINON FL 1-6, FARINON FAS - 2000, FARINON FAS - 6000, FARINON LR 1-2, FARINON 960, GRANGER TELLETTRA HR2, AVENTEK DR6-C, Motorola Starplus, Motorola Starplex, MC - 400, Farinon UDL, Lenkurt, Granger DTL - 7300, Collins OCTAL, Dantel, MX - 108, FXO Pilot Cards, FXS Pads, 4W E, 4W M, Amps, Filters, Bypass Cards.

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