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Globetrotter is a Quality Products and Services based organization dedicated to serving the Digital and Analog Microwave Telecommunications Industry.

Our objective has always been and will continue to be providers of the very best in Microwave Telecommunications equipment either new or used.

GSI has an extensive line of reconditioned equipment, tested to meet or exceed factory specifications, making us an excellent choice for your next purchase.

Our resources are vast and we appreciate opportunities to provide our customers with items they can't find anywhere on the Globe.

Our knowledge and expertise are unequaled. Our certified staff will be glad to answer any request either by phone, fax or electronic mail.

We support the following products: MOTOROLA STARPOINT 6000, MOTOROLA STARPOINT 2000, MOTOROLA STARPOINT, ROCKWELL COLLINS MIR 2, ROCKWELL COLLINS MIR 6, FARINON FL 1-6, FARINON FAS - 2000, FARINON FAS - 6000, FARINON LR 1-2, FARINON 960, GRANGER TELLETTRA HR2, AVENTEK DR6-C, Motorola Starplus, Motorola Starplex, MC - 400, Farinon UDL, Lenkurt, Granger DTL - 7300, Collins OCTAL, Dantel, MX - 108, FXO Pilot Cards, FXS Pads, 4W E, 4W M, Amps, Filters, Bypass Cards.

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